【Mobile APP Engineer】 NO NEED JLPT Visa Support Available

【Mobile APP Engineer】 NO NEED JLPT Visa Support Available

・モバイルアプリ開発技術の選定/ 導入
・モバイルアプリ開発チームの立ち上げ など

【Business description】
In order to realize social implementation of blockchain, we are developing original blockchain to application using blockchain. We are planning to release a mobile app using our original blockchain to strengthen the service, and we are looking for an engineer who can develop and release the mobile app from scratch. We are also looking for people who can promote the launch of the mobile application development team together.
【In particular】
・ Selection / introduction of mobile application development technology
・ Mobile app development
・ Launch of mobile application development team Such
【How to proceed】
Individuals voluntarily work while cooperating with each other in teams of members of various nationalities. The style of development is agile development using Scrum. Communication between members is conducted in English.


【Required skills / experience】
* Experience with native apps other than games is required *
・ Experience of developing and releasing mobile apps from scratch
・ Experience in selecting / introducing technology for mobile application development
・ High programming ability to solve various problems in mobile application development individually and develop products by yourself
・ Development experience in Swift or Kotlin
・ Experience promoting development while communicating appropriately with back-end engineers and designers

・モバイルアプリの UI/UX の設計経験
・DevOps の知識、経験

【Welcome skills / experience]】
・ UI / UX design experience for mobile apps
・ Experience in developing native libraries
・ Management experience of mobile application development team
・ Management experience of mobile application development vendor
・ Knowledge of networks, security, cryptography, etc.
・ DevOps knowledge and experience
・ Experience in agile development


【Personal image you want】
・ Those who can work together while communicating as a team
・ Those who are adaptable to change, those who can promote business autonomously, those who have a startup mind
・ Those who are interested in learning new technologies and can utilize new technologies as needed
・ Those who have goals and are passionate about achieving them in order to accomplish their mission.
・ Those who have the ability to execute to achieve the goal

・近距離住宅手当(5 万円/月を上限に当社規定により支給)
・近距離住宅奨励金(10 万円を当社規定により支給)

・ Complete social insurance (health insurance, welfare annuity insurance, employment insurance, workers’ accident compensation insurance)
・ Short-distance housing allowance (paid according to our regulations up to 50,000 yen / month)
・ Short-distance housing incentive (100,000 yen provided according to our regulations)
・ Book purchase system (company burden)
・ Health check (company burden)
・ Free drinks, free snacks, free noodles
・ Burden of moving costs when joining the company (provided according to our regulations)
* May vary depending on employment type.

・完全週休 2 日制(土・日)
・年次有給休暇(初年度 12 日) など

【Holiday vacation】
・Complete weekly two-day system (Saturday and Sunday)
・public holiday
・New Year holiday
・Condolence leave
・Prenatal and postnatal leave
・Parental leave
・Birthday vacation
・Annual paid leave (12th of the first year), etc.
* Some contents may differ depending on the employment type and hiring position. Details will be announced at the time of selection.


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