Game Company 【Engineer/Programmer】 VISA support available

Game Company 【Engineer/Programmer】 VISA support available


・インフラ運用構築 等

☆Business content
・ Development of in-house services (cogme)
・ Contract development (WEB)
・ Resident development (regardless of language)
・ WEB Direction
・ Game planning
・ Game Direction
・ Debug / Test / Verification
・ Infrastructure operation construction

☆必須要件(自社開発)/ Must requirements (private developed)

☆必須要件(受託開発)/ Must requirements (contract development)

OK with either
・ Front engineer experience (2 years or more)
・ Person with backend engineer experience (more than 2 years)

☆必須要件(常駐/SES)/ Must requirements (resident / SES)


OK if any of the following apply!
・ One year of development experience
・ One year of testing / debugging experience
・ One year experience in infrastructure operation / construction / design



What to expect from a technical expert
・to learn management skills, communication, and design philosophy.
・to keep in touch with advanced technology while being aware that the technology you are using is a technology that will be gone in a few years
・to settle in yourself by outputting and you can see the missing parts.


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