【3DCG Game Designer】 VISA support available

【3DCG Game Designer】 VISA support available

□Job Summary□
Making models of characters and background
models of characters’s motion effect
Art direction of 3D graphic

□Job Requirement□
Experienced in using some of them in work
Character modeling
Background modeling
Character motion

□Welcome Skills□
Experienced in developing console games
making date of 3DCG by Maya
working with Unity

□Ideal Candidate□
A person who loves games would like to make games with a team is quick worker
good at communicate with people
always curious about new skills and knowledge!

□Working Place□

□Working Hours□
10:00~19:00 (1 hour of break time)

□Employment Status□
Full time/ Contract employee

□Annyal Income□
3,500,000JPY of basic salary plus incentive
*Twice of pay revision

Full Five-day week (Saturdays and Sundays)
Public holidays
Summer vacation
New Year holiday
Annual paid leave (The first year 10 days)
Congratulations and condolences vacation

Social Insurance
Transportation expenses will be paid
Rent/Moving subsidy
Health support system
Communication activation system
Official club system
In house counseling
Congratulations and condolences solatium
In house friendship dues auxiliary

Education and Training System
enter/follow/manager training
Support improving skills system
Self developing subsidy

Maya/ Working experience with 3DCG

☆Other Positions In This Company☆
UI Designer
Animation Designer

If you are experienced in any of them, please feel free to ask more details about the positions.

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